Anyone is welcome to come and have lessons. All ages and all styles.

My studio has a lot to offer. I have 2 drum kits setup (Pearl Masters and a Risen Custom drum kit) so that a student and i can practice material together as well being able to show students what to do without changing a comfortable setup.

A mirror and a practice pad are provided for further developing technique and warming up.

I am able to do live recordings. A student can practice a number of grooves and upon completing the lesson i will bounce down an mp3 and email it to the student. Then the student can listen back and see what needs improvement. This is also very fun when students play along to songs.

When students feel they are confident playing a song, i am able to film them for friends and families to see.

My lessons are about having fun and learning the principals of how to become a great drummer.

Diploma in Music/Blue card holder/12 years experience.

Students are asked to bring sticks, a folder and provide an email for recordings.